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Top Hair Colors

If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, then you don’t want to do so with a color that was so last year. Much like hairstyles, hair color has trends. To ensure that your hair salon Chandler Az does a good dye job is a fashion success rather than a faux pas, Phoenix SEO services suggest to consider the hot hair colors trending right now.

1. The Faded Pastel

pink hair colorPerhaps your mother never would have thought that having pink hair would do you any good. She was wrong. Faded pastel colors are currently extremely hot at the moment. Soft pinks, blues, and even purples are being seen everywhere on celebrities. Try not to go too vibrant with the colors. The entire idea is to be a soft color that looks almost washed out rather than neon. It’s subtle but still incredibly powerful.

2. Chocolate Brunette

While last year may have all about the blond, this year it’s all about the chocolate brunette. Darker shades are in at the moment. Even celebrities who were rocking blond hair last year like Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron have decided to go for deep brown shades. Not all browns are created equal, so when you hit up your stylist, make sure that you’re opting for the chocolate brown shade.

3. The Dirty Blond

dirty blond colorFor those who are little iffy about completing changing their hair color, then you should be happy to know that the Dirty Blond shade is back in style! This color essentially offers the perfect blend of blond with darker tones. It’s multidimensional and is currently all the rage with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid. It’s also quite easy to do no matter if you’re a blond or a brunette. Instead of having just a singular and flat shade of hair color, you can greatly benefit from the multilayered and rich aesthetic that the myriad of shades within the Dirty Blond hair color offers.

Find The Right Shade For You

Clearly, not all colors are going to work for certain facial structures and skin tones. However, you are sure to find that at least one of the color trends can fit you. Be sure to visit your hair stylist today and start the summer off with a hair color that draws attention to you in the best way possible. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and shades and perhaps even start a trend of your own.

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