Top Hair Trends For Men

men hair style
When it comes to hair styling, men need to know what’s on-trend just as much as women. Men who take care of their hair typically and visit a hair color specialist stand out from the rest. So, if you want to make a bold statement, consider some of these top hair trends for men chosen according to Facebook marketing trends.

1. The Buzz Crew

As the summer approaches and you’re itching for a shorter cut, you need to consider the Buzz Crew. This hairstyle is longer than the typical buzz cut but still shorter than the crew cut. Essentially, it’s a totally customizable hairstyle. You can keep the sides of your hair as short as you like. The real point is to ensure that the hair on top of your head is at least long enough that you can slip your fingers through it. A lot of men are fond of messing it up. Because it looks best when it’s messed, this makes the hairstyle easy to maintain even when it starts to grow out.

2. Curly/Wave Faded Undercut

man with curly hairFor men who have curly hair, this is a look just for you. By shaving off the sides of your head, your stylist should still keep some faded to give your hair some great dimension. However, the wonderful mess of curls on top of your head should only be shortened by a little bit. The goal is to let those girls remain curly or wavy in all of its splendor. With the undercut faded just enough, you have an incredible cut that can accentuate your jawline and make your curls work for you rather than have you wrestle with your curls.

3. Natural Top With Faded Sides

Another trend that men are seeing in 2019 is the ability to let your hair do what it naturally wants to do. However, this has to be coupled with faded sides. The faded enhancement gives some style to your hair. Otherwise, it just looks like a mess. With the faded sides, however, the top of your hair is able to do whatever it is that it wants to do. This style leans more towards a natural messy sort of look. It’s easy to maintain. However, you should make sure that you see a stylist regularly. You don’t want your hair to go too high with this look otherwise it throws off the proportions.

4. Messy Pompadour

messy hair style man One hairstyle that both men and women love is the messy pompadour. Once popularized among Punk bands, it’s now seeing a modern twist for the everyday guy. The sides of the hair should be shaved down a bit, around a 2-3, but should still have length and volume. The real story is on top of the head, however. The hair on the top of your head should be left around three or four inches in length. The goal here is to make it quite messy, especially around the fringe. Lift it up and style accordingly to ensure that it matches the kind of pompadour height that you desire.

Style Away

Clearly, the biggest trend overall is a messy hairstyle. That’s great news for men who don’t like doing too much with their hair. You should visit your stylist today to get those sides shaved down and start styling in a way that brings your hair into today’s hottest trends.

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